restaurants party halls dubai "James has done the impossible.  He's brought Flesh back to life with a Vengeance.  After Ramon Sola's brilliant interpretation of Flesh in Book One, I never thought I'd find another artist who could do justice to its varied themes - cowboys, time travel, science fiction  and dinosaurs.  James has achieved this and more."  - Pat Mills, Author of Slaine and Requiem - Vampire Knight

"James is the embodiment of that new generation of British graphic novel artists who approach their work with a fresh look.   It isn’t surprising that his work has already won over the French public." - Olivier Cadic, Director, Cinebook Ltd

"Working at Com.X with James was great fun. I remember clearly the afternoon he displayed his ability to stand on his head. But my overriding memory is of a hugely talented young artist whose passion for the natural world coupled with his capacity for hard work would surely lead him to great things." - Mick McMahon, Illustrator, Judge Dredd, The Last American

"James is an artist of rare talent, with an amazing eye for detail, composition, colour and character - everything you could ask for in comics and a whole lot more." - Paul Duffield, Illustrator, Freak Angels



James McKay is a UK-based illustrator, writer and designer.  He is well known in France for his Bande-Dessinée album series City of Secrets, and recently illustrated the new series of Flesh for 2000AD, written by Pat Mills.


News:  Flesh is now being published in 2000AD!  See for more details.


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